Saturday, April 29, 2006

fire place in the den Posted by Picasa

Master bath Posted by Picasa

Foyer again. check out the fountain Posted by Picasa

Pictures sent to the realtor for the MLS listing This is one side of the kitchen Posted by Picasa
Yes, we are selling the house and having another one built. If I can figure out how to do it I will have Erin down load the floor plan of the new house and publish it here. It will have and extra bedroom (or can be used as a study) The 3rd bathroom was turned into a storage room or a craft room.
The master bath is gonna be huge and have a double walk in shower and a jetted garden tub. It will be on a 1 acre lot in Kaufman county about 20 minutes from downtown Dallas. The main prerequisite for the house was to be outside Dallas county. We decided to moive after having to pay 3000.00 for school taxes in Richardson. The city and county taxes were only 900.00 each, which wasn't too painful. But 3K for the sh@##$$%y schools here is outrageous. The new house will not have city taxes as it is outside the city limits. Although we are paying 189,900 for it, by the time it gets finished and ready for move in, it will be worth over 225,00. so that is a really good deal. The buying of the new house is contingent upon selling the one we are in now. We have not had too many showings yet, so I will call the agent Monday and try to find out what we can do to increase them. We will see how it goes.

Foyer Posted by Picasa

The other side of the kitchen Posted by Picasa

Preparing for take off!!! Check out those ears. Posted by Picasa

And for those who don't know her this is Mischief. Posted by Picasa

This is the alpha dog of the house and she is doing her best to let Sassy know what she is doing wrong by chasing after her and growling or barking at her. It is funny to watch when Sassy chases the cat and Mischief chases Sassy barking at her to let her know that she is not supposed to chase the cat. Mischief is nervous around Sassy because Sassy is so much bigger than her and continually runs over her. Miss Dog does not like Sassy being the first dog in or out the door, and fusses about that too.
We are using a spray bottle to train Sassy about jumping up on people and other such things. She hates it. It is hilarious to watch her reactions even when you just pantomime spraying her with nothing in your hand and just making the "sssssst" sound of a spray. She rolls in the floor and rubs her face and if you do it too many times she barks at your hand. She is a really funny dog. Smmy thinks we should have named her Silly instead of Sassy.

Erin at Halloween. She is the only we got pictures of this year (2005) Posted by Picasa

These are the only pictures we got on Halloween of 2005. I figured I would add them to the mix.

Look, It's the wicked witch of the Southwest!!! Posted by Picasa

Checking out the sprinkler. Posted by Picasa

In the back yard Posted by Picasa

Doesn't she look so sad? Posted by Picasa

Newest member of the Family. This is Sassy Posted by Picasa

We added a new member to the menagerie. Her name is Sassy and she is part Golden retriever and something else. They wanted to try and tell me that she was part Springer Spaniel. Let me know what you think, is she or isn't she? They said 2 to 3 years old, but she still has the shewing thing going on. Although her teeth look huge she doesn't have them all yet. She can be a really sweety, but she likes to think that she is a lap dog and springs into your lap from an all four feet on the floor to in your lap in a second stance. It can take you a little by surprise. She also loves to play and run outside.

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