Thursday, August 25, 2005

August 26 2005
It's been a while.....
I know but things have been pretty busy...Gregory is causing problems again now that school has started. He just doesn't want to be here...he has been experiementing with drugs and sex. And also still running off ans staying gone. He is back in Letot for the 2nd time...we are looking for a permanent placement for him that might help him.
Danielle has started school and is liking Jr. High.....so far.
Erin and I both got a job at Wal-mart as cashiers.....soooo much fun...but it's extra money so that helps a lot seeing as we are very behind on the bills again. It is a viscious never ending cycle. I get everything caught up and something happens and I am behind again.
Adventures with the VA....I have to try and get my military medical records to show that I have a previous knee problem. My MRI came back fine, with is absolute bull shit...cause I have felt the piece of cartillege that is floating around under my left knee cap with my fingers. I am scheduled to have another sonogram done, cause I am still have symptoms of gall bladder attacks. I am also going to have to do an upper GI....joy of joys. I had to have a procedure done that takes a biopsy of the cervical tissue as I have had two "slightly suspiscious" pap smears. When I asked what could be causing them, the DR. said could be anything, I ask what do we do if they keep coming back that way and he said "nothing" UUUUMMMMM, excuse me, that is not the correct answer. I will have another pap in 6 months and if that ones comes back slightly irregular, we will have a come jesus meeting about it.
I am signed up for aquatic rehab for my knees, so that ought to be a lot of fun. I don't have to buy a bathing suit......yeah!!!!....since I look like crap in one any way. But I can not find pool shoes or any decent flip-flops to wear. I can wear shorts and a t-shirt.
..I have to get in gear cause I start the 7th of SEpt. and it goes for 8 weeks and it is on Wed and Fri. starting at two. This is one thing I am looking forward to.
That is about all that is new here....SSDD....not much seems to change even the durn weather lately. What I wouldn't give for a week of thunderstroms and rain showers. I gotta talk to that Indian that taught me that rain dance....it is just not working.....I want a refund....or a better dance.
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