Saturday, June 18, 2005

not the mustand I ordered from Ford. but I like it. Posted by Hello

if you look at th front end, it looks purple...this color is called laser blue...changes from blue to purple depending on the lighting and the as you walk around it Posted by Hello

the b-day present I was waiting for Posted by Hello

all her friends (the ones that could come anyway) Posted by Hello

more decorations Posted by Hello

Danielle's b-day decorations Posted by Hello
18 June 2005

Well, it has been awhile...
I finally went and got my birthday present. I had ordered a 2005 Mustang from Ford. They said it would come in in about 6 weeks. The order was submitted on 7 Feb. As of this Wed their six weeks is still not here.
So I went to the Chevy house and got myself a new Impala. Got a real good deal. I was able to afford the best warranty they had and life insurance and the gap insurance. the original price of the car was 26900 I am paying 17640. Of course then you have to add the stuff listed above and tax, title and license. And My payments are only 10.00 more than they were on the car I traded in(which was paid off, so that helped a lot.) My insurance will probably go up about 15.oo a month. So all around it was a good deal. And I love the color...has a lot more options than the old one too. The only thing I didn't get was the leather, heated seats and the rear spoiler.
The color is called laser blue. It looks purple from a distance. As you walk up to the car, you can see it change to blue. It has blue metal flakes in it and changes from prple to blue as you walk around it. The interior is a slate gray. And I finally have a CD player! hallelujia!
Isn't it amazing the simple things that make you happy?

Danielle had a birthday recently and I have posted pics. She had a sleep over, swimming, barbeque party and we all had a great time. She like to have broke me, but thats okay, since she had such a good time. I wager everyone else did as well.

Don't know if I have kept updated on all the recent stuff with the VA.....but they finally decided that I have PTSD and major depression (duh! been trying to tell them that for 2 years). I am on Zoloft and all the rest of the stuff I was on before. The zoloft helps with the anger issues associated with PTSD. Now I am not yelling at traffic as much, which is something I never used to do. I also got put on simvastatin (Zocor) for my cholesterol. It was 224 with the bad cholsterol at 176. Next appointment it was 204 with bad cholesterol at 107. My triglycerides were higher than the first time other wise the count would have been lower. My good cholesterol was still too low at 31, so I am taking flax seed oil again to get that number up.....eating a lot more salads and vegetables in order to get the triglycerides lower.
Now I am waiting on an MRI on my left knee. Seems that I have something under the knee cap that keeps floating around and occasionally reaches out and grabs a muscle or a tendon or what ever. I have actually felt it. It is probably a piece of cartilege. but it needs to come out because it causes water oin there and keeps me from getting meaningful exercise. When it locks up it hurts and then aches for days. Swells about once a year to about the size of a softball and makes walking extrememly difficult.
I am supposed to be working on my school work which is behind by about 4 weeks....depression got in the way of getting a lot of it done. So now I have 4 projects and a paper due in my Software class and 3 projects in my comp 2 class. I really need to get them in and keep my grade point avareage up...last semester, I made the dean's list....won't be going there this semester. but if I maintain at least a 3.0 I qualifiy for a 25% discount on my CJ classes. SO I need to get busy doing that work. Needs to be in by tomorrow midnight. I work better under a deadline, so, I will be up all night getting it done. I am also a night owl and work better at night so it won't be a big problem.

That's about all that is new in my world. Linda and James, you and your Mom/MIL are in my thoughts and prayers. I meant what I said to you both, Linda in a comment in your blog and James to you on the phone.
Like the song says "If you need me....Call me...I'll be there.
Love you all

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