Friday, April 15, 2005

16 April 2005

I know, it's been a while...still waiting on my birthday present to arrive

Have spent some time at the VA finding out that I have major depression and PTSD....DUH....been trying to tell them that for 2 years now...anyway am now on zoloft which is helping big time. I used to be mad all the time and that is pretty much gone...now I can at leasts tell when I am depressed...lol. They also sent me a presciption for Zocor because my cholesterol is high...another duh! They took out my gall bladder which filters out cholesterol....what really pissed me off about it was they just put the prescription in the mail, no discussion with the DR. about alternatives or diet and exercise....no nothing plus they wanted me to split a pill that is rounded on both sides so it won't split evenly....damn VA...I have an appt. on the 26th to see how well the zocor is working and then I guess someone will deem to speak with me about this crap. I been working with patient reps and have requested a full complete copy of my records and still have not gotten those either...guess I will have to get back on the phone and really do some bitching.

Did well with my last two classes....made the dean's list...but only because my 95 in criminology brought up my grade point average. my 90 in pre algebra did not count cause it is not required for my degree.

Start classes again on Monday. I wish they would start the new classes the next week instead of a two week break...I get tired of waiting on themto start. My next two classes are "gimme" classes but I have to have them. Comp 2 and a software class that teaches how to use , word, excel, power point and outlook. In July I will take College algebra and private security and in oct I will be taking history of criminal justice and criminal law for criminal justice. Taht will take me thru to next year and then I am gonna start taking 3 classes per semester instead of two.

That is about all that is happening here for now, other than Gregory hitting a rebelouus streak and not wanting to stay in school. He spent the month of February in Letot which is a residential treatment program for kids with behaviooor problems. I think I have had to call the police about 6 times on him being out and away from howm after 10 pm about 6 times since he got out. not to mention all the times before he went in. We are changing counselors and will have one that comes to the house....Maybe that will work. I think he is doing all this so that he can get sent to boot camp. Don't know why but that is my gut feeling. Don't know what I am going to do with him this summer. I have exhausted all of my ideas.

Maybe I should write to Montel or Dr. Phil...but If I did that we would have to be on TV and I would rather not, thanx.

well. see you in the funny papers.

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