Wednesday, December 22, 2004

22 December 2004


and since I know that picture didn't come out, try this one


We have Snow!!! 3 days before Christmas Posted by Hello

Monday, December 20, 2004

20 December 2004

Well, here it is that time again...I really don't have anything new to report except I passed my first 2 college courses. Did pretty well, one with a 98 and the other with an 80.
The 80 would have been higher, but I am waging an all out war with the curriculum board on that class and the teacher pissed me off. I know, doesn't hurt them nor do they care, but I have a point to make. That grade may very well come up after I get through with disputing exam questions and such.

Any way it is time for pictures again...I have a bunch this time so here goes.
Not much in the way of remodel....

This is the kitchen

A couple of the master bath( not very good ones. I don't think my daughter was in to getting the essence of the remodel)


My work here, something I have been working on. It is still a work in progress.

For my mother, A look at the new furniture, that is almost a year old now. But you can see some of the remodeling in the den in these pics. The new wainscotting in the den. the one thing I don't have a picture of is the privacy fence...mainly cause it just looks like a fence...nothing fancy.
So here is the furniture...except for the girl's room, who refuse to take pics because of the state of disarray.
Here is the formal living room furniture:
And the hutch, the dining room chairs are not here mainly cause right at the moment they are stacked against the wall because the table is pushed up against the wall and currently houses a Christmas Village.
Now the den, check out the wainscotting, mom..it is all new.
And, last but not least, my bedroom furniture:

And now for some Christmas Decorations. You already saw a few on the hutch, but here are more.

I have many more but can't load them all to the page that hosts my pics and don't know how to post them directly to the page.

Nothing really new here, we're broke as usual, but that is a state of affairs that we have all grown used to. I start classes again on Jan 17. when I take Criminology and (blecht) pre-algebra (blecht again(( and that does not mean belch))). I have already scheduled my classes for the April term when I will take College Comp II and some software class that is supposed to teach me how to use word, excel, powerpoint and outlook. I will only use the word and the excel and maybe the powerpoint as outlook is a virus unto itself and a huge virus vecter secondary to anything else I know.

The boys (Eric and Chad) are doing well in their school, now I just need to get Erin in gear. She talked to an admissions rep from the Dallas Art College and he really screwed up sending her stuff she told him repeatedly that she was not interested in. He did not listen well at all, so she is looking into DCCC (Dallas County Community College) to get the basics out of the way. We'll see how that goes.
Danielle is getting keyboarding lessons from her music teacher at school and is enjoying it.
Gregory is just being Gregory and getting in trouble in school, as usual. We are working on that as well.
Enjoy the pics. To my sister Candace... send me the links for Nicki's blogs and I will add them to my favorites...Don't tell her but I really enjoyed talking to her on the phone the night you and mom were out(the day before Thanksgiving, I think.)
To my brother James and his wife Linda, Update your page James, I'm tired of reading about the 10 Geekiest Hobbies....I need new material to read and you get some good sites, so get busy. Linda, your mother is in my thoughts and prayers...And I am glad you got your "Grape" back finally (That's what Erin calls it and of course that is her favorite color so it is not a slur).

Everyone have a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!!!

Time to make cut-out cookies and decorate them.
Till I see you in the funnies!

Another of the kitchen Posted by Hello

Here is the kitchen Posted by Hello

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