Monday, November 08, 2004

8 November 2004

(several at once)

Name 3 (or more, or less!) things..
1. ...you cannot live without. Let's see....hmmmm. my kids, my dog(and the cat too, when he does not have that attitude), and my car.
2. ...you CAN live without, but cannot seem to part with. My cigarettes (yeah, I know, I said I would quit!) my coffee and my Starbucks
3. ...you wish to accomplish this COMING week. Getting all my classwork done, getting my mid term project done and submitted, start my exercise program
4. ...you have accomplished this PAST week. Got all my class work done, took a mid-term exam, and .....ummmm...I can't remember.
5. ...on your holiday (or non-holiday) 'wish list.' Mo' money, Mo' money and mo' Money!
6. ...you would like to change about yourself. My weight, my height and the gray in my hair
7. ...you like about yourself. My eyes, my legs(even if they are getting fat) and my personality
8. ...you should be doing right now instead of what you ARE doing. School work, washing my hair and exercising.
9. ...in your life that could use a little more organization. Everything

Name 3 things....
1....your ideal salad has on it. Mandarin oragnes, grilled chicken and pinapple bits
2....you do religiously in the morning. Drink coffee, smoke a cigarette and get on the computer
3....you look forward to doing in your spare time. Reading for pleasure times 3
4....you've never done before, but think you will at some point in your life. Vist England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, not necessarily in that order
5....you love to do while on vacation. Vacation? What's a vacation?
6....you took pictures of in the last month. Me in the fog, house decorations, and some of the kids
7....you have to do before the end of the day. Wash my hair, Take Gregory to see his counselor and do schoolwork
8....you like about your best friend. I currently do not have one, so I can not answer this one

Name THREE of your........
1. Pet Peeves: People talking on cell phones while driving, rude inconsiderate people, and shitty customer service
2. Favorite Sounds: Rain, thunder, and music
3. Desk Items: Coffee cup, post-it notes and Pens (which my kids steall all the time so I don't usually have ANY)
4. Biggest Fears: Death, heart attacks and spiders( I don't really fear them, I just hate them with a passion)
5. Biggest Challenges: schoolwork, stretching the dollars for a month, and just breaking out of my routine
6. Newest 'Toys': I have none that are new so I can give you an answer there
7. Most Used Words: No, get a grip, and don't be an a@#hole
8. Most Mispelled Words: their (it always looks wrong no matter how you spell it) is the only realy bad one but most of them have to do with"I beforeE except after C"
9. Favorite Disney Characters: Lady, Tramp, and the Genie
10. Bookmarks on Your Homepage I don't have a homepage...but my favorites list is My university, James and Linda's home page and then my credit card company to pay my bill, in that order....there are many more, but you only asked for 3.

That's Monday madness for today. It is beautiful outside so I think I will go out and enjoy it.
Have a good one.....till the next time.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

7 November 2004

Well, mid term essay questions are done. No grade yet
Mid term exam is done...88%, which when the results come in on the 15th, I will probably be protesting because they based the test questions on Edition 7 of our text book and we are using the Custom edition. The material is worded differently and the chapters are laid out differently in both books. I could tell which questions were straight from the 7th edition text book.

Anyway, In my Strategies for the CJ Professional I have a 4.0 average and in the Intro to CJ I have about a 3.8....thanks to that damned test.

Other than that, not much is going on here at this point. I have to do my mid term project for CJ which is due by Wed. and start lesson 5 for both classes. I will probably start that tomorrow.
Till I have something new and unusual to tell you.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

2 Nov. 2004

Yep, got out and voted today. Got two of the other "adults" in the household to vote as well. It was their first time. Erin said that it was a little anti-climatic. I told it was kinda like Christmas, once all the gifts are unwrapped it is somewhat of a let down. But the upside is that you get a chance to make your voice heard and possibly count.

I need to get my mid-term essay questions done. I have been procrastinating, but they are due tomorrow at 8 am and I have to be at the VA by 7:30 am, so I have to do them today.

So, on that thought, I will leave you.

Later on.

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