Thursday, July 08, 2004

July 8, 2004

It's been awhile...I posted last back in May (I think)

Things got really busy. I was made the weekend supervisor at work and just got really busy. Two of the kids started school in June (Mine and a friend of his who is just like one of mine). Everything was rockin' along fine until the last weekend in June when I had another very severe gallbladder attack.

Long story short....ended up in the Local emergency room zoned out on pain meds (which should tell you how bad it was cause I never take intravenous pain meds....hate the head rush) put up in a room...When the Dr. comes buy and says, "We'll have this out tomorrow",
I says,"I don't think so...transfer me to the VA, I can't afford You." The bill for just that was over 2,000. I get transferred to the VA Monday afternoon at 4:30 and finally get a room at 1:30 AM. Had a run in with the emergency room Dr. at the VA.... I finally told her that "A. I was already admitted, and she needed to either put me in a side exam room or let me set out in the waiting room till they got me a room. B. I didn't care about her about her piddly ass little rules that I was gonna go out and smoke anyway. The Surgeon had already been to see me and encouraged me to get up and walk around and I was gonna do it whether she liked it or not." She said "what if you go out there and collapse?" I laughed at her and said " I'm here to get my gallbladder out, I'm not on any pain meds right now, and common sense will tell you that I am not going to collapse. I walked into the emergency room when all this started, I am fully capable of walking around here. I'm not a 5 year old or so old and feeble that I need constant attention. Give this ER bed to some one who really needs it." I told Sammy to go get me an IV pole to hang my IV on so I could get out of the ER. The ER Doc had me moved to an empty exam room until they got me a room.

Ended up not getting anything to eat or drink till Wed. afternoon when they finally schedule the surgery for Fri. afternoon. They didn't want me to go home cause they couldn't get my white blood cell count down (even after hanging antibiotics everyday)and my stomach still hurt. On Thursday one of the surgery Residents came to see me and said they got it down to 11,500 and the cut off for surgery was 11,000. and they were going to go a head and do the surgery.

They did the surgery Friday afternoon at 2:00 and I was out of recovery and in a wheelchair at 6:00. By 8:00 I was walking so they wanted to let me go home by 9:00 and I said no, in the morning. Got out of there by Saturday at noon.

I also quit my job on the first Monday after surgery. I hate working for people who know there are problems but refuse to do anything about them and allow the problems to continue. If you are not part of the solution, then you are the problem. In this case the Major in charge is the problem. I have the option at this point in time that I don't have to work...I work because I want to. Therefore I can be picky about who I work for and with. So I'm job hunting again.
I'll be taking a commission class so that I can carry a gun at work and have also purchased the gun and the rig belt to be able to do so. The commission class is paid for and all I am waiting on is for a class date.

So as you can see I have been real busy.
Will try to log in more now that I have some free time on my hands.
Ta for now

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