Wednesday, May 12, 2004

May 12, 2004

Not much new here on the home front. I have an ultra-sound scheduled for 1 June and a surgery consult scheduled for 19 May. Now isn't that silly? How can they determine if I need surgery without having an Ultra-sound? They'll tell me to reschedule the consult for after June 1st so that they can see everything.

Well, I will out smart them( which is not hard to do with the VA). I am checking out the ultra-sound they did in the Emergency room at Richardson in January and taking it to the consult. They will be able to see all the pretty little round stones in my gall bladder.
And they should also be able to tell that there is infection there as well.

After waiting almost 5 months I just hope it hasn't gotten a whole lot worse, or worse yet turned into pancreatitis.

I'm sure you wonder, that with my attitude about the VA why I am letting them do this...Well, Believe me I have my misgivings...but there is no other way at this time to get it taken care of. I am to the point of climbing up on the kitchen table, taking a huge slug of whiskey, biting the bullet and letting anyone take it out. I have never felt so miserable from something I couldn't see, (with the exception of pregnancy, but this is worse) in my life.

Will write more when I know more....

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