Friday, January 30, 2004

Been a While

Yeah, yeah, I know I never finished the two weeks from hell and haven't posted anything in
quite a while. Sorry about that but real life intruded to the extent that made it darn near impossible to get here and relax enough to write.

To tell you the end of the two weeks from hell, I believe that we had the tree up Wednesday evening. The next day (Thursday) Miss Dog (Mischief to most everyone but me) started having seizures. They started out small and one at a time but as the day got longer, they started lasting a little longer and she started having them back to back. WE rushed her to the vet and are told she has epilepsy and is having what is called cluster seizures. She had a seizure in the vet's office which the vet said was unusual and she got a shot of valium. Then the vet put her on phenobarbital twice a day. she also got some antibiotics cause her blood count was low and the vet suspected a tick born illness (never found a tick on her , just lots of fleas. An aside here, the frontline products to get rid of fleas are excellent. They work great and I have been using them on Miss Dog and Bear Face the cat and the flea problem is almost non-existent.)that basically ended the two weeks from hell(I think), that one week seemed like two! Or now I just can't remember what was so bad about the second week. Oh! yeah, we finally got the tree decorated by Sunday and all the outside stuff put up on Saturday. It all looked great once it was finally done.

Now, to let you know what has been happening since then.
Let's see, I finally got the financing to do my home remodeling. I had to go around the garden path, thru the forest and in the back door to get it. I found someone to buy the house from me, lease it back to me on a lease to purchase option for a year while I get my credit report cleaned up and I get to buy it back at a fixed price and the money I am spending for the remodel will be used as part of the down payment. It works like this: I got a 87,500.00,. I put 20,000. in an escrow account (that's the money this guy makes) as a down payment. The remodel will cost 30,000. out of my 87,500. That 30,000. Will also be used as a down payment. The selling price for the house will be 160,000. which with the 20 and 30 thou as a down payment, I will buy the house back for 110,000. which is way less than the market here. But here is the good thing, since I get to use the 30 thou as part of the down payment you have to add that back into the 87,500 that I got and that means I got 117,500 for the house and he is selling it to me for 110,000. I also get to decide what to do for the remodel which means I get to decide paint colors, carpet colors, new appliances, new cabinets, etc. The bad part is for the next year my rent is 1150.00 a month( which is not really that bad, cause that is about what I would be paying on a home equity loan. If anything breaks I have to fix it which means I can't just pick up the phone and call the landlord. And at the end of the year I have to be able to buy if back so I have to get my credit straightened out in a year. I have already found some errors on my credit report that I can fix and have also found out how to clear up my VA eligibility( the title co. did not send in the paperwork when I sold a house 20 years ago so the VA shows as that I still own the house and am paying on it)
The remodeling has commenced so the house is in an uproar and a big mess, but hopefully, by next week things will settle down and I can get all the new furniture in and then the only thing left will be the kitchen( gotta wait 2 more weeks for the cabinets) and the cabinets in the vanity room and the master bath. All the painting, wainscotting, and carpet will be done. The new windows will be in, the new doors up most of the light fixtures except the ceiling fans and the electrical stuff in the kitchen. The new privacy fence will be up.
As far as what did I do with the rest of the money? My car is now mine, I paid it off, all the credit cards are paid off, I have several bills I have been trying to pay off( I hate having to chase companies down to pay them money! If they are going to report you for not paying, why do they make it so hard for you to pay? I just don't understand that logic!)
I bought a whole house full of new furniture and am going to get window treatments after they get all the windows in. And hopefully here in a week or so, I will get new glasses, so I can see to read and work on the computer.
No I didn't save any.....There were too many things that were needed, and I will get to it after I get a job. Which by the way, I have passed all of the tests for the city of Dallas and have an interview on Monday. If that goes well, All I have to do is pass the back ground check which should not be a problem.
I am also starting a home business, but I will tell more about that later. Also found out I have to have my gall bladder out and will tell more about the VA debacle later
Gotta run, need more coffee.
Till later, hopefully not as long as the last hiatus.

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